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11 week courses at West Lothian College and lots more.

Focusing on service, legislation and with practical hands on training and industry placements, our courses are a certified recognised qualification. Candidates must be over the age of 18, be registered as unemployed and have an excellent command of English. The courses are fully funded and there are opportunities to earn while you learn.

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Why do we need to do this?

200,000 people are employed in the hospitality industry in Scotland, equivalent to 8% of total workforce - this is a key driver of our economy and set to grow further.

waiter.svgThere are wide spread skill gaps in team work, customer handling and oral communication throughout front of house operations in this sector. These skill gaps can be filled through training, management and leadership, ensuring staff have the relevant skills to deliver high quality service, by making the industry more attractive to new entrants and delivering high quality training. For our industry to flourish we must fill these skills gaps and fill them quickly.

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How do we do this?

An Axcess course is a mixture of carefully developed industry-led classroom work and practical experience in the workplace monitored by Axcess.

class.svgCandidates follow a structured educational program during the 12 week course, interspaced with carefully configured and monitored industry placements and industry visits to ensure a breadth of knowledge of the services and products on offer. Axcess allows further education establishments to give candidates real work experience, vital for future employment prospects. Axcess courses allow candidates to take advantage of real work opportunities. Axcess gives feedback on best practice. Axcess is worth something to all parties.

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What Do Students Get?

  • REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene Certificate
  • Certificate stating that they have undergone the mandatory 2 hours Alcohol Training
  • Axcess Certificates in Basic Fire Safety
  • Basic Health & Safety (including Manual Handling)
  • Customer Service and Excellence Skills certificate
  • Axcess - Front of house First Steps, Bronze Certificate

Course Content Example

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Week 1

  • Day 1 - Induction and Introduction to Tutor
  • Day 2 - Elementary Food Hygiene
  • Day 3 - Industrial Visits
  • Day 4 - Alcohol Training & Personal Presentation
  • Day 5 - Customer Service Excellence Day 1

Week 2

  • Day 1 - Customer Service Excellence Day 2
  • Day 2 - Fire/H&S/DDA
  • Day 3 - Industrial Visits
  • Day 4 - Basic pre service FOH/BOH skills
  • Day 5 - Meet the Placement Providers

Week 3 & 4

  • In Placement - 1 visit per week for each trainee

Week 5

  • Day 1 - Debrief placement activities/experiences. Prep Day 2
  • Day 2 - Practical Day - Lunch Service
  • Day 3 - Industrial Visits
  • Day 4 - Debrief of Day 2 / Drinks 1 Teas & Coffees / Tuition/practice for Day 5
  • Day 5 - Practical Day - Breakfast Service

Week 6

  • Day 1 - Debrief of Day 5 and tuition /practice for Day 2
  • Day 2 - Practical Day - Afternoon Teas and High Teas
  • Day 3 - Industrial Visits
  • Day 4 - Debrief Day 2 / Drinks 2 Non Alcoholic Beverages/Tuition/practise for Day 5
  • Day 5 - Practical Day - Dinner (Restaurant) Service

Weeks 7 & 8

  • In Placement - 1 visit per week for each trainee

Week 9

  • Day 1 - Debrief placement./CV Writing/ Prep Day 2
  • Day 2 - Practical Day - Bistro Service
  • Day 3 - Industrial Visits
  • Day 4 - Debrief Day 2 / Drinks 3 Alcoholic Beverages/Tuition/practise for Day 5
  • Day 5 - Practical Day - Dinner (Function) Service

Weeks 10 & 11

  • In Placement - 1 visit per week for each trainee

Week 12

  • Day 1 - Debrief placement am. A look back with Providers pm
  • Day 2 - Interview Skills & Techniques Input plus practical
  • Day 3 - Total course Revision Day
  • Day 4 - Exam and Practical Assessment day
  • Day 5 - Wind down and fun day

Requirements To Pass

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Appearance and attitude

  • Personal hygiene – aware of and adhere to professional standards
  • Positive interaction – display smiling, positive attitudes in role plays
  • Competent role plays – deal with the various scenarios with competence and positive attitude
  • Understanding of posture, uniforms, cleanliness, demeanour and attitude – display professional demeanour and level of professional cleanliness
  • Good manners – interact in role plays with a satisfactory degree of good manners
  • Confidence – display a good level of confidence in role plays and general work

Basic understanding of hospitality

  • Understanding of BOH/FOH roles – show good understanding of the roles of BOH and FOH in various hospitality situations
  • General understanding of industry sectors – display a level of understanding of the different sectors of the industry and the roles of FOH in them
  • Importance of positive image to business – be aware of the importance of their role in the image of a business

Basic skills

  • Plate carrying – display the ability to carry 2/3 plates safely, level and served correctly
  • Serving and clearing – be able to serve and clear plates professionally, clear 5 plates competently
  • Serving drinks – be able to serve and clear drinks on a tray, correctly present different drinks
  • Opening wine – be able to open a bottle of still wine correctly using a waiters friend, be able to open a bottle of sparkling wine safely and competently
  • Cutlery skills – be able to serve using fork/spoon, 2 forks, and be able to pick up one handed
  • Use of salvers/service platters – be able to set cutlery using a service platter, serve food from a service platter, clear cruets etc
  • Requirements to pass Bronze Level using a tray/service platter
  • Table setting – be able to set round/oblong table with equidistant settings, show knowledge of the different types of cutlery and how a formal full setting should appear
  • Polishing cutlery and glassware – be able to polish cutlery/glassware safely and efficiently using hot water and waiters cloth

The service cycle

  • Understanding the service cycle and its role – show knowledge of the service cycle and be able to identify each segment in various function or restaurant situations. Know the importance of the managers briefing
  • Meeting and greeting – display a positive, professional in various roles in a function or restaurant situation (cloakroom, drinks reception, drinks orders, menua presentation, canapé service)
  • Menus - display an understanding of the types of menu commonly seen at events and in restaurant Food service
  • Serving food to the table – be able to serve plates professionally
  • Know the way the chef expects the plate to be presented
  • Clearing the table - clear 5 plates competently, clear soup bowls, clear side plates/cruets, etc

Beverage service

  • Handling glassware – know how to carry and handle glassware safely using hands/trays
  • Pouring drinks – know how to pour soft drinks, mixed drinks, beers in a function or restaurant environment
  • Serving drinks – display ability to serve drinks professionally using a tray. Present drinks properly to guests
  • Serving wine – be able to pour wine to a table professionally in an event or restaurant situation
  • Serving hot beverages – be able to set-up, prepare and serve hot beverages in an event or restaurant situation

Banqueting service

  • Styles of banqueting service – show an understanding of synchronised service, buffet service, blanket service, rolling service, formal service and silver service.
  • Serving food and beverages at a an event – practicalities of event hospitality, different role of hospitality service at sports events to formal dinners or weddings

Restaurant service

  • Order taking – be able to take a table order swiftly and accurately, know the order process
  • Laying tables – be able to lay a table up for specific orders/dishes
  • Serving in a restaurant – show ability to serve professionally, understand the difference between event service and restaurant service, understand the different degrees of formality required in different restaurants
  • Billing and cash handling – importance of accurate billing, bill presentation, safe cash handling

Product knowledge

  • Basic menu terms – show a working knowledge of menu layout, cooking terms and ingredients
  • Drinks lists – show a working knowledge of basic beers, wines and spirits
  • Kitchen and industry terms – display an understanding of basic industry terminology


  • Basic food hygiene – have passed the basic food hygiene exam
  • Liquor training – have completed successfully the 2 hour license training
  • Basic legal knowledge – show a basic understanding of COSHH, manual lifting, fire regulations, health and safety in the workplace, trades descriptions acts

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